About me

I’m Luka Verč – a graphic designer, programmer, and creator based in Slovenia. I started as a photoshop creator, but my skills have evolved to programming in Xcode, designing websites, and more…

Work experience

I’ve designed and developed websites for some companies like dar-computers. I know how to use WordPress and a little bit of HTML to adjust some settings on websites that would otherwise not be possible with WordPress.
I also do mobile design. I’ve designed all of my apps in the past. For designing websites and apps I use Figma but I also know how to work with Sketch. When it comes to designing logos, business cards… I use Adobe’s Photoshop.
I’m also a programmer. I primarily work in Apple’s Xcode, so I know how to write Swift, which is a programming language used to develop apps for all Apple’s devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac…


Swift – My “native” programming language. I’ve worked with it for quite a long time now and I’ve made some apps with it like Themer.

Figma – With it, I design all my projects like web design, mobile design, etc.

WordPress – My go-to tool for editing and developing websites of all kinds.

Photoshop – I use it to design logos, business cards, and other similar things. I also know how to do photo manipulations with it and color correct them.

Lightroom – I know how to edit photos in Photoshop but I primarily use Lightroom to color correct them.

Other – Besides those tools, I also know how to use Sketch, edit videos with iMovie and Finalcut Pro.


Slovenian – Native speaker

English – Proficient speaker