HomePod Mini

  • luka 

Apple's newest smart speaker

Apple released its brand new Homepod Mini.

It’s selling for just 99$ which is far cheaper than the standard HomePod.
You can get the Mini in two colors; black and white. It is built from the same materials as the standard HomePod with amazing sound quality for its size witch is around half the size of the standard one.

The Mini works effortlessly for anyone in the Apple ecosystem. For example, the handoff feature allows you to handoff music from your iPhone to HomePod or Siri integration which can control your smart home also known as HomeKit accessories.
Although Siri is still not the smartest voice assistant, it can do some really cool stuff like Intercom, which allows you to send a voice message to everyone in your smart home, and it also works if you are wearing your AirPods. And also it can do basic stuff like sending a message, making calls…
It can also remember up to 6 different voices so if you have any family members in your home, Siri will be personalized for each one of them too.

So to round things up, HomePod Mini is a great smart speaker for those who are into Apple Ecosystem and don’t care about studio-quality audio and just want to have a good listening experience.